Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Some Japan Photos

In my 10 days in Tokyo, I only took a single picture.  Then my friend Nori Yasui got up in my grill about that, so I've been more camera-happy in Kobe (and Kyoto and Okayama).  And I have Nori to thank for the shots of me.

Nori wasn't happy I made him climb all the stairs to the top of this Kyoto cemetery (words were exchanged), but then he took this picture of what we saw at the top:

 Himeji Castle, where, thanks to a renovation, we were actually able to stand on a viewing dock and see the highest roof ornaments from only a few feet away (Nori poses with his mother, who, despite her size, is the reason I will lose no weight in Japan):

And speaking of which, we went to an oyster fishery a few hours from the house and lunched at a place where we just threw shellfish on the charcoal grill next to our table until they opened.  We were practically eating them right out of the sea.  After we couldn't eat another oyster (seriously, not a SINGLE OYSTER MORE--that's how many oysters we had), we took the rest home to eat with Kobe beef and other teppanyaki treats the next day.

Eat your hearts out, George Rhoads and Boston Museum of Science fans!!!!

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  1. Thank goodness for Nori, and for you pushing him upwards.
    The oysters look like mushroom, the tree bark looks like mushroom . . .
    and it just looks so beautiful there . . .