Sunday, February 17, 2013

Here's what I'm grumpy about:

You guys both listened to this ep, I take it.  But I can't get it out of my head.  That bizarro auto dealer protectionism is like the laws that protect American farmers, only for something everyone actually needs and wants and buys and demand meets supply and you can make money off it if you try and crazy stuff like that.  Gaaaaaaahhhhh HATE HATE HATE HATE EVERYONE!

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  1. Sam'l !!
    What are you doing thinking about cars and reading so much over there??
    I love your pictures of Seoul--it's alsmot pristine looking, compared to so many cities of Europe, which I always think of as clean compared to the cities over here, so . . . hmm . . . what does that say about US?? Did I tell you that when I was a kid, every time I came home from Europe, I observed with horror, confusion, and--um, I admit--a bit of self righteousness how in public places Americans tended to drop their garbage--empty gum wrappers and soda cans--in the street, or leave papers and empty food containers on a park bench or the grass. Sometimes I'd pick up the discarded stuff and run after them, feigning innocence, calling, "Hello! Sir/Ma'am, I think you dropped this!" Did that until a very big guy turned around, cursed me out, and came after me . . . Okay, I thought, can't do THAT anymore! But what a difference when I lived in Florence: People did the same thing!! They yelled at kids on the rare occasion that something dropped from a pocket, they kept the streets of their neighborhoods (okay most of them, not all neighborhoods) as clean as the floors of their houses, and with such pride. So anyway, Seoul gives me that kind of impression. What have you seen there? Done? And who've you met? And do you have any friends there? I tried reaching my former students there, but both have moved on to Europe. xxxxx0xxxxx