Sunday, February 17, 2013

Here's what I'm reading . . .

"Changeless!"  The second book in a series begun with "Soulless," by Gail Carriger, a sharp-tongued, busty brunette writing about a heroine who is a sharp-tongued, busty brunette (srsly you guys) who has sex with a hunky angry Scottish werewolf lord on the regs (spoiler alert: they get together!) in steampunk alterna-Victorian London.  This is . . . the best thing.

Just finished "Planetary," a graphic novel by Warren Ellis, and while I wasn't a giant fan of the art, I thought the story was definitely mostly great.  This one would make a perfect TV show, actually.  The plot: a "century baby" born at the crack of 1900, a man with superpowers and holes in his memory named Elijah Snow, is employed by a mysterious organization to catalog the world's strangeness.  But Snow slowly begins to realize that the world isn't just strange, it's wrong--and that someone needs to fix it.


Also in the middle of "Transmetropolitan," another Ellis comic pitting a wacky transhumanist future dystopia against Spider Jerusalem, who's basically just Hunter S. Thompson in the future, taking all the future drugs and freaking out about the Man.  Which is awesome. 

So what did you guys think of the first four episodes of "Arrow?"  Ehhh?  EHHHH?


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