Friday, March 1, 2013

I just read the list of Oscar winners

because I'm far from the meaty bosom of the USA right. now.  Well, I sort of just read the list.  I read part of the list, and then I quit in horror.  Yay?


  1. Yeah, don't get hung up on who did and did not win. Because, come on, like that system has ever been not crazy.

    Pretty much, the must-seem moments are:

    and, OF COURSE,

    (but remind me to write a blog post about how silver lining playbook is problematic. Even though I will love Jen forever. And Bradley Cooper did an AMAZING performance.)

    Also, P.S. Seth MacFarlane was a dick: Shocking. But he went pretty far, even for him.

  2. Also, I just realized that the jennifer lawrence link is not full. Watch the full one.

    I'm glad everyone else loves Jen as much as we do:
    I just love her more and more.

    1. I love that you are calling her "Jen."

      I think I'm coming down on the I'm-not-too-horrified side of the Seth MacFarlane issue for now. But I haven't actually seen the song because of slow internets. So I reserve the right to change my opinion further down the road.

      Can we *both* marry Jennifer Lawrence?

    2. No, you can marry her. I would be okay with best friends forever.