Thursday, January 31, 2013

Aaaand scene.  Pick out the original ladies!  I'll start you off: immediately to my right (from my perspective) is not an original lady.

The photo doesn't do the production justice.  In the space of an hour there were at least 10 costume changes, people on wires and trapezes, stage elevators rising between levels, rakes and fold-out staircases hovering in space, brief nudity, standup comedy, blaring 360-degree music, and lots and lots of second-rate dancing.  It was awesome.

The girl second from my right (again, my perspective) with the thousand-watt smile is Popla (she pronounces it "Po-pu-ra--my real name, not for acting--like the tree!").  We chatted before and after the show and she told me she was going to go to NYC this summer to study acting, singing and dancing, hopefully at HB Studio.  Suuuuuch a theater kid, seriously.  Everyone else was doing fine during the performance, but she was totally Anne-Hathaway-at-the-Oscars-ing it up, like, every second she was onstage.  Awesome. 

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